At Exclusive Hospitality Concepts we have a highly specialised and experienced team. EHC can assist with pre-opening and start up for small B&B’s, Small Inns & Boutiques. We offer hands on training programmes for the following departments:


There is more to hotel housekeeping than just a mop and a broom. The housekeeping department 1s resRonsible for maintaining the hotel’s imag,e, and the people working within it can thus be considereGI he ambassadors of the hotel. These people are entrusted with the responsibility to provide a cleari and comfortable environment for guests to enjoy.

Housekeeping ensures that what the guest sees and experiences results in a positive impression of the establishment, thus one of the major pillars of EHC.


Food & Beverage

From the earliest of ages we have been taught that the polite thing to do is to immediately offer our guests something to drink or eat. Food and Beverage brings people together, creates conversation, fellowship and friendship. When people are given an opportunity to sit and discuss, they will discuss that which is in their immediate vicinity. It is of great importance that one can present a product that will create positive discussion and EHC consultants can help your kitchen, from simple cooking techniques to creating gourmet meals.


Service Skills

A perfect product can be enhanced or ruined by the way in which it is presented. It is not only important what you do, but how you package and present it. This creates the difference in class and the guests’ perception of the offering. Some of the best speeches are lost in translation. This means that some of the most important messages are never carried across correctly. EHC allows you to make you message clear through the actions of your staff.


Travel Planning

Exclusive Hospitality, Concepts offers the value-added benefit of travel planning. Whether you are travelling by road or taking to the skies, we assist you to plan your itinerary and ensure that your tickets and connections are all booked. – e also manage all your accommodation requirements on an affordable retainer.


If you already have an operating business we can help you set excellent standards / operation procedures

  • We organise private events & meetings
  • Trained hospitality staff placement
  • We do interior decor
  • We can help you improve quality
  • We can help you improve customer satisfaction
  • We can help you implement best practises and methods We also do wedding planning and catering
  • We also hire out catering equipment
  • We distribute cleaning chemicals and amenities

We also provide training to private home owners who are willing to convert their private homes into 5 star boutiques by providing high quality housekeeping and food & beverage training.